2019 The Quadruped and The Gretchen


The competition will be held at Potter's Bridge Park from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturday, May 18th and Sunday May 19th.

  • Saturday will be the Quadruped distance competition
  • Sunday will be Skyhoundz DiscDogAThon


Registration Day of the Events starts at 7:30 AM closing at the start of the Players meeting. Save yourself time and money by pre-registering.  Payment may be made on site or via Pay Pal during the pre-registration process. Register here for both days.


Saturday - Quadruped

  • On Site Registration 7:30AM
  • Player's Meeting and Event Begins 8:30AM
  • Final Awards at event end


Quadruped rules and information- Quadruped Rules


Quadruped Divisions

  • Women's Division (Starting Level) - $35
  • Women's Open Division (Advanced / Open) - $35
  • Men's Division (Starting Level) - $35
  • Men's Open Division (Advanced / Open) - $35


2019 Gretchen on Sunday May 19


Skyhoundz DiscDogAThon


Five opportunities to achieve a World Qualifying spot.  Five games that will challenge the strategic planning of you and your canine partner.


On-site registration fees will be $10 for each game, register for both days: HERE!


The general rules for IDDC competitions are posted on the IDDC Rules Page. Please visit this page to become familiar with the IDDC's general rules. Learn more about Skyhoundz Competition rules.


More info at Skyhoundz here.




Sunday Divisions Freestyle1 round, 90 sec to 2 minutes Time Trial1 round, 60 seconds Spot Landing1 round, 60 seconds Bullseye1 round, 60 seconds Pairs Distance & Accuracy1 round, 60 secondsExpert X1 World Qualifier Spot X1 World Qualifier Spot X1 World Qualifier Spot X1 World Qualifier Spot X1 World Qualifier Spot Microdog X1 World Qualifier Spot X1 World Qualifier Spot X1 World Qualifier Spot X1 World Qualifier Spot  X1 World Qualifier Spot





NOTE - A handler may only compete in one division with one dog.


General Info


Pay on-site or pre-pay with PayPal! Links on the registration page.


Pre-registration will close at 8:00am Wednesday May 15th, 2019

Registration will resume the morning of competition at 7:30am - cash only.




Divisions: From the Quad website, "Any thrower who has won the Women's or Men's Division will be required to compete in Women's Open or Men's Open."

Cool Creek Park

2000 E 151st St

Carmel, IN 46033


















Due to last nights storm, the park has been changed to Cool Creek Park.


The park will not allow anything to be left in the park overnight. That includes EZ-ups, tents, campers, coolers, chairs, cars, etc. You may park in the lower parking lot, it's not too bad of a walk - but it's not ideal either. You might want to bring a cart, wagon, etc. to help haul stuff back and forth.

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