2pm to 5pm Sundays - Potter's Bridge Park, Noblesville, IN

August 10 from 9a - 5p

  • Frizgility
  • FunKey
  • 7Up
  • FarOut


August 11 from 9a - 5p

  • Throw and Go
  • 4 Way Play
  • Time Warp
  • Spaced Out
  • Wk 1 Toss and Fetch


August 18: 2p - 5p

  • Wk 2 Toss and Fetch
  • UpDog: Throw and Go


August 25: 2p - 5p

  • Wk 3 Toss and Fetch
  • UpDog: 4 Way Play


Sept 1: 2p - 5p

  • Wk 3 Toss and Fetch
  • Time Warp
  • Spaced Out
  • UpDog: Greedy practice


Sept 8: 2p - 5p

  • Wk 3 Toss and Fetch
  • UpDog: Greedy

As with all outdoor dog competitions, bring plenty of water for you and your dog, a crate, treats and something to provide shade. Please bring your dog's current vaccination records.


For the Fall Series, $10.00 / UpDog game, the Fall Toss and Fetch League is $10 for the 5 game season. You can sign up for the league and UpDog games here.


If you've registered on the UpDog Challenge site, bring your UpDog number info so we can make sure to get your scores to UpDog to track.


More information on the Toss and Fetch League

More information on UpDog and the various games



Just playing in the league?

Pay your league fees here

Rainouts will be announced on FaceBook

Decisions will be made by noon.


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