IDDC Spring Bite Club UpDog Registration

An exciting UpDog game league starting Sunday, May 1 at 6PM following Toss and Fetch League for the first two sessions.  It is dubbed the Spring Bite Club League and will be one round of each week's UpDog games for UpDog points.  Be sure you have an UpDog team number so your points will be recorded in the UpDog database.


  • Sunday, May 1 - follows League at approx 6 PM 
    • 4 Way Play & Throw N Go 
  • Sunday, May 15 - Follows League at approx 6 PM 
    • Greedy & Time Warp 
  • Sunday, May 22 - 5 PM 
    • 4 Way Play & Spaced Out 
  • Sunday, May 29 - 5 PM 
    • Throw N Go & Spaced Out 

Play all 4 weeks for the registration price of $35 per team for IDDC members and $40 per team for non members.  Or wait to sign up for the two game day for $10 per team for IDDC members and $15 per team for non-members.

Event Address: Standout Wraps, 6373 Rucker Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Contact us at (317) 345-6698 or or

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